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Perfect checkbox alignment

🔥 Perfectly aligning checkboxes with text is super annoying, especially when the text wraps on to multiple lines.

Here's an approach I use to always perfectly center them with the first line of text, no matter the text length or size 👉

— Adam Wathan (@adamwathan) January 16, 2020
<div class="mt-4">
Here we use a zero-width space character to trick the container for the checkbox into being
the same height as a single line of label text by adopting the text's line-height.

Then we center the checkbox inside of its own container.

<div class="flex items-start text-sm">
<div class="flex items-center">
<!-- Zero-width space character, used to align checkbox properly -->
class="form-checkbox border-gray-400 h-4 w-4 text-indigo-600"

<label for="option3" class="ml-3 font-medium text-gray-700"
Longer checkbox item that unfortunately wraps on to two separate

<p class="mt-1 ml-4 pl-3 block text-sm text-gray-600">
This solution always centers the checkbox with the first line of text, no
matter the text size or checkbox size.