Bart Veneman

Creator of Project Wallace, analytics for CSS. <noscript>-fanboy. Serverless clearfix engineer. I can lift node_modules twice my own weight.


No-one ever asks me what software or hardware I use, so I'll write it down here.

Editor & terminal

  1. 💾 Visual Studio Code is my default editor, because of the performance and sheer amount of plugins it provides. It allows me to do pretty much anything I want. That includes using Atom keybindings.
  2. ▲ It's hard to find, but I use the Zeit Theme in VS Code. Great contrast and not too many different colors.
  3. 🕶 Sindre Sorhus created Snazzy themes and I'm a sucker for it. Great contrast and just enough Git information to get by.


  1. 🦊 Firefox Developer Edition keeps me on pretty much the latest available tech, while not having to deal with the instability of a nightly build. In terms of privacy Firefox usually seems to do well. The Developer Tools are also great for a frontend dev like me.
  2. 🟦 Whenever I see someone dragging their windows across their monitor manually, I cringe. What a waste of time and energy. Spectacle Rectangle has made my life so much easier, allowing me to instantly make windows full-screen, half-screen, top-half-screen and more with only a handful of keyboard shortcuts.
  3. 🎸 Spotify. Not a single day goes by without it.
  4. 🦆 DuckDuckGo is a good replacement for Google Search. Very rarely (< 1 × per week) need I search something via Google. DuckDuckGo respects my privacy, is pretty fast and gives proper search results, while displaying very minimal, non-targeted ads.
  5. 👀 I use Fathom on most of my websites for analytics. Google Analytics and many other solutions are way too privacy invasive and Fathoms promise to focus on privacy and very minimal analytics is very attractive. Their $14,-/month is a small price to pay for much better protection of my visitors. And if you click this link, you'll get $10 discount on your first invoice. Note: this is a referral link, so I would get a discount on my own invoice as well.


  1. 💻 One trusty old rusty MacBook Air
  2. 🎧 I can't do a day of coding without my Sennheiser PXC 550. Sound quality and noise cancellation are top notch!
  3. 📺 I treated myself to a Philips B-line 346B1C monitor since I've been Working From Home and I'm loving it. Power, network and display all in a single USB-C cable on a larger-than-strictly-necessary screen. Pricy but worth it!